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  • How much does it cost?

    • $29 per person for Dead Silence, Witch Doctor and Noir

    • $35 per person for Freakshow

      • Anyone 5 years or older will be charged as a player

      • Children 4 and under can be in the room for free with their parent/guardian

  • How long does the room take?

    • You are challenged with escaping the room in 60 minutes or less. If you run out of time your game is over and you are let out of the room.​

  • What is an escape room?

    • In short, an Escape Room is the latest form of entertainment which brings family and friends together and tasks them with trying to get out of a locked room within 60 minutes. This is just the basic concept, but there is nothing basic about this experience! The rooms you will be locked in are fully themed and hand crafted to immerse the players in various locations, time periods and scenarios. You must crack codes, solve puzzles, brain teasers and overcome both physical and mental challenges if you hope to escape on time!

  • What are the minimum and maximum group sizes?

    • Each room has its own player minimum and maximum, so be sure to look at the room info when booking.​

  • Can I book a room for more than the player maximum?

    • ​Yes! You will need to call us however to make this happen as our system does not let you go above the set amount without our permission. Just be aware our room maximums were set with comfortability in mind, so going over our set maximum will result in less than desirable spacing for your team.​

  • Can I book a room for less than the minimum?

    • For rooms set at a 2 player minimum, no. For all other rooms you will need to call us if you wish to do this as each room has a unique answer to this question.

  • Do I have to pay for my whole group upfront to make my booking?

    • The room minimum is all that's required to reserve your booking. We can always add players to your booking when you arrive if that makes it easier!​

  • Will I be put with other people if my group size doesn't meet the room maximum?

    • No. We do not put you with strangers. You will only ever play with the people you signed up with!​

  • Is this a family friendly activity?

    • Generally speaking, yes! While kids do enjoy participating in our escape rooms we do have some rooms that are designed to be difficult as well as some that are very scary. We allow all ages to participate, however we always recommend having a parent or guardian in the room to help younger players through difficult puzzles.

  • Can my child play the room without me present?

    • If you're 17 and under you'll need a parent/guardian to sign your waiver. The waiver can be signed here at the building or online at any time.

    • Ages 13 - 17 can play without a chaperone present as long as a parent/guardian has signed their waiver.

    • Players 12 or younger will require at least one chaperone present

    • Chaperones can enter the room for free as long as they do not participate in the puzzles. If the chaperone wishes to play, they will need to be charged as a player.

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