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In short, an Escape Room is the latest form of entertainment which brings family and friends together and tasks them with trying to get out of a locked room within 60 minutes. This is just the basic concept, but there is nothing basic about this experience! The rooms you will be locked in are fully themed and hand crafted to immerse the players in various locations, time periods and scenarios. You must crack codes, solve puzzles, brain teasers and overcome both physical and mental challenges if you hope to escape on time!


From the mystical swamps of the bayou to an entirely black and white detectives office in the city of Chicago, our 5 originally themed rooms and stories are sure to transport you to a different place and time! Deadline Escape Rooms is a fantastic source of entertainment for families and friends and is the perfect choice for team bonding. Be prepared to put your mind and body to the test at Deadline Escape Rooms! 


Deadline Escape Rooms is a locally owned and operated business that prides itself on being built by a family of Escape Room enthusiasts. We have spent decades in the Reno area and we are extremely proud to bring this new form of entertainment to the "Biggest Little City".


Even though we are local, your experience will feel polished and professional as we strive to give all our guests a fully immersive and hand crafted world to step into each time you play. Our stories and themes are 100% original and have been fully developed from the ground up to ensure you wont get this experience anywhere else! 

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